Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, all businesses will occasionally enter into disputes. These disputes can take on a number of forms and affect various aspects of a business.

We have a great breadth of experience resolving dispute ranging from smaller disputes at magistrate’s court to larger matters at the Supreme Court. 

In addition to having decades of litigation experience we are also well versed in alternative dispute resolution. Sofunde Osakwe Ogundipe & Belgore is home to founding members of the Nigerian Branch of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, two past chairmen of that institute and the first President of the Lagos Court of Arbitration and a number of other ADR practitioners.

Corporate and Commercial Advice

At Sofunde Osakwe Ogundipe & Belgore we provide advice to a wide range of commercial clients. From sole proprietorship to multinational corporations. 

We provide a range of creative, well researched solutions to problems that may arise and provide quality advice informed by years of experience. We will provide solutions tailored to your specific company and its specific needs. In offering advice on a wide range of corporate and commercial matters ranging from business formation, corporate finance and restructuring, corporate governance, licensing, agreements. We provide solutions tailored to the client's specific needs

Money & Capital Markets

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa with yet further potential for growth. As established Money and Capital Market legal advisers we provide solutions to local and foreign clients on equity and debt transactions.

We have great experience and flexibility in this field that ensures that our client's are placed in the best possible position in their transactions.

Regulatory & Compliance Advice

The Nigerian market is becoming more and more regulated with new bodies demanding increasing levels of compliance with attendant monetary and reputational consequences.

We advise clients on how to understand and navigate the statutory and regulatory framework not only to ensure full compliance but also to manage risk and lessen their impact on their transactions and operations.

Asset Recovery

We are internationally recognised as the leading Nigerian law firm in this area. We have many decades of experience in asset tracing and recovery. We are home to Nigeria’s sole member of ICC Fraudnet, an international network of independent asset recovery lawyers, organised under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce’s Commercial Crime Services, that contains some of the leading independent civil asset recovery specialists in more than fifty jurisdictions around the world.

We have enormous experience in advising on complex, high value, international fraud and asset tracing matters. In addition, our Fraudnet membership makes available to us a number of partners in various jurisdictions worldwide and this gives us the ability to access rapid and effective solutions for clients.


Our insolvency team works closely with our asset recovery, due diligence and investigations teams. Our broad range of services include at one end negotiations with debtors to rescue a business, to a complete take over of a business in preparation for winding up at the opposite end.

Due Dilligence and Investigations

Due diligence is an essential safeguard in the transaction process to enable one to assess performance and risk. Our team has the expertise to conduct not only standard due diligence but also enhanced due diligence to track and advise clients on anti-money laundering and white collar crime. We also advise clients on anti-money laundering matters and white collar crime.

We also advise on international best practices to ensure compliance with extant laws and regulations.

With our collaboration with Fraudnet partners we are able to serve the needs of local and international clients in several jurisdictions around the world.